Instant, On-Demand E-Bikes
Request a ride and your e-bike instantly drives to you wherever you are
Zero Street Clutter
Out-of-Sight Storage
E-Bikes are parked in garages around campus - only leaving when rides are requested and immediately driving back when rides are finished.
Never idle in public spaces. Never causing street and sidewalk clutter.
Smaller Fleet. Higher Utilization.
Our fleets are 8 times smaller than dockless options, so we aren’t flooding campuses with our e-bikes.
Plus, we’re able to meet more demand with a smaller fleet because our bikes can always be in range of where riders are.
How It Works
Request a ride in our app. Your e-bike will drive to you and usually arrives within 15 minutes of your request.
Take over when your e-bike arrives and ride like a normal e-bike. You’re charged $1 to start plus .15¢ per minute after.
Leave your e-bike in a safe area when finished and end the ride in the app. Your e-bike will immediately drive away to head back to its garage or to pick up its next rider.
Meet Our Team
We're a group of roboticists, engineers, and designers with a diverse set of academic and industry experiences from Penn, Meta, USC, and other startups.
We're located in Newport Beach, CA just a few blocks from the beach.
Danny Minutillo
Danny is an avid robotics hobbyist. He previously founded a smart shirt wearable company for athletes. He has extensive experience as a web developer and product designer.
Caio Mucchiani
Caio has a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania where he developed breakthrough methods in designing and building low-cost robots.
Fariba Ariaei
Fariba is a research scientist with a focus on dynamical systems and network science. She is a patent holder and has a PhD in electrical engineering from USC where she focused on control systems.
Nabil Khalifa
Nabil is a PhD candidate in mechanical and aerospace engineering from UC Irvine where he's focused on guidance, navigation, and control. He works on the self-balancing and stabilization of our robots.
Justin Yue
Justin is a software engineer where he works at the intersection of computer vision and machine learning. His goal is to make autonomous systems more safe and robust. He was previously at Meta.
Brian Vo
Brian is a full stack engineer with experience in modern web development and embedded systems. He was a key member of UC Irvine's machine learning group where he lead their web development efforts.