What if automation isn't the only avenue of progress that robotics can facilitate? What if we can use robots to generate wealth and automate our income in addition to automating mundane tasks?
That’s our idea behind NAV.
NAV is short for navigation, but it’s also an acronym for Nonstop Autonomous Vacation. We're on a path to building robotaxis for the bike lane. We envision a world where anyone can own a NAV robot and, when not in use, simply flip it to robotaxi mode and bid it "arrivederci" as it connects to our cloud system to pick up passengers. Owners of our robots will have access to a robust, passive income source that drastically alleviates the pressure for a traditional occupation, allowing them to freely pursue their passions.
Importantly, while taking the driver out of the loop is central to our philosophy, we have not taken the human out of the loop altogether. Our fleets are overseen by qualified human operators, each responsible for supervising the safe and efficient functioning of our operations.
NAV hopes to revolutionize the gig working industry by providing the world's first opportunity to generate income from the comfort of home with just a computer and internet access. Participating operators will never have to work on-site as they would when driving for Uber or delivering with DoorDash, all the while procuring meaningful working hours by managing the operations of autonomous robot fleets that would accomplish the same tasks.
This is our vision for the future. If this is exciting to you, drop us a line at